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Public Service Announcements

MAPA June 2019 PSA


National Brain Health Awareness Month

There is a national campaign called Brain Health designed to help raise awareness about brain health while empowering older adults to make the most of their brains as they age. It was launched in 2015 by the Administration for Community Living, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and now managed by the National Institute on Aging (NIA).


For some time, researchers have been aware of a link between what we do with our brains and the long-term risk for dementia. In general, those who are more mentally active or maintain an active cognitive lifestyle throughout their lives are at lower risk.  Here are some resources we hope you will find useful:
Engage Your Brain
 What Is Alzheimers - Brain Tour
Brainy Resources



MAPA May 2019 PSA


National Melanoma Skin Cancer Prevention Month

May has been designated by the American Academy of Dermatology as National Melanoma Skin Cancer Prevention Month. The aim of this designation is to raise awareness about skin cancer, increasing the chances of early detection – when treatment can be most effective.


The American Cancer Society says more than 96,000 new melanomas will be diagnosed in 2019, and 7,230 people will die from melanoma before this year is over. They estimate that 1.640 Minnesotans will be diagnosed with melanoma and 130 will succumb to it in 2019.


What should you do to minimize your chances of getting melanoma?
Sun protection is an important part of basic wellness maintenance that is applicable to people of all skin types. This safety measure may include effective sunscreens, clothing such as rash guard shirts with a built-in sun protection, wide-brimmed hats, shade structures, and avoiding sunlight during peak afternoon hours.

Through reliable web sources such as the American Academy of Dermatology, one can become educated to perform monthly self-skin checks. For those at higher risk, whether due to personal or family history of melanoma, or because of multiple or unusual moles, a regular visit to a dermatologist can be a life saver.

Melanoma Warning Signs: ABCDE
To help spread awareness and make the melanoma warning signs memorable, the signs of a possible malignant mole can be abbreviated to the mnemonic: ABCDE.



Any of these findings should prompt a visit to your healthcare provider. 

For more information we recommend:


Public Service Announcements

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July 2018 HERBAL_DRUG_INTERACTION_PSA_60.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 12/4/2018
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November 2018 60_SEC_ANTIBIOTICS_PSA.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
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November 2018 15_SEC_ANTIBIOTICS_PSA.mp3 MP3 (615.78 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
October_2018_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
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December 2018 60_SEC_FLU_PSA.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
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December 2018 15_SEC_FLU_PSA.mp3 MP3 (602.51 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
January_2019_MAPA_BLOOD_DONATION_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (599.45 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
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January_2019_MAPA_BLOOD_DONATION_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
February_2019_MAPA_EATING_DISORDER_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
February_2019_MAPA_EATING_DISORDER_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
February_2019_MAPA_EATING_DISORDER_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
March_2019_MAPA_SLEEP_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 3/4/2019
March_2019_MAPA_SLEEP_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 3/4/2019
March_2019_MAPA_SLEEP_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 3/4/2019
April_2019_DISTRACTED_DRIVING_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (595.37 KB) Administration 4/2/2019
April_2019_DISTRACTED_DRIVING_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 4/2/2019
April_2019_DISTRACTED_DRIVING_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 4/2/2019
May_2019_SKIN_CANCER_PSA_15.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 5/2/2019
May_2019_SKIN_CANCER_PSA_30.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 5/2/2019
May_2019_SKIN_CANCER_PSA_60.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 5/2/2019
June_2019_MAPA_BRAIN_HEALTH_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (583.13 KB) Administration 6/3/2019
June_2019_MAPA_BRAIN_HEALTH_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.14 MB) Administration 6/3/2019
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