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Public Service Announcements

MAPA August 2019 PSA


National Breastfeeding Awareness Month



Breastfeeding is good for both infants and mothers. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for most infants. As an infant grows, breast milk changes to meet the infant’s nutritional needs. Not only does breastfeeding offer health benefits it is also a great benefit to the environment and society. Breastfeeding families are sick less often and the parents miss less work. It does not require the use of energy for manufacturing or create waste or air pollution. There is no risk of contamination and it is always at the right temperature and ready to feed.
For more information speak with your PA or other heath care provider.  In addition, we recommend these resources:


MAPA July 2019 PSA


National Park and Recreation Month


Each year since 1985, Americans have celebrated national Park and Recreation Month during the month of July to recognize the importance of parks and recreation in establishing and maintaining the quality of life for, and contributing to the physical, economic and environmental well-being of communities.
There are 75 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas ready for you to explore! Go camping, take a hike along the river, reserve a camper cabin, and so much more. There are so many opportunities for adventure, so grab a map and get outside!


You can find information about county parks on the county websites as well as city parks on the corresponding city website(s). These links provide information on state parks:


MAPA encourages you to discover all the ways parks and recreation can improve quality of life, like science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programming, senior programs, innovative health and wellness opportunities, community celebrations, outdoor education, and more.


Public Service Announcements

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
August_2019_BREASTFEEDING_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.32 MB) Administration 8/5/2019
August_2019_BREASTFEEDING_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.16 MB) Administration 8/5/2019
August_2019_BREASTFEEDING_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (586.19 KB) Administration 8/5/2019
July_2019_PARKS_AND_REC_PSA_60.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 7/2/2019
July_2019_PARKS_AND_REC_PSA_30.mp3 MP3 (1.16 MB) Administration 7/2/2019
July_2019_PARKS_AND_REC_PSA_15.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 7/2/2019
June_2019_MAPA_BRAIN_HEALTH_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 6/3/2019
June_2019_MAPA_BRAIN_HEALTH_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.14 MB) Administration 6/3/2019
June_2019_MAPA_BRAIN_HEALTH_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (583.13 KB) Administration 6/3/2019
May_2019_SKIN_CANCER_PSA_60.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 5/2/2019
May_2019_SKIN_CANCER_PSA_30.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 5/2/2019
May_2019_SKIN_CANCER_PSA_15.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 5/2/2019
April_2019_DISTRACTED_DRIVING_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 4/2/2019
April_2019_DISTRACTED_DRIVING_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 4/2/2019
April_2019_DISTRACTED_DRIVING_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (595.37 KB) Administration 4/2/2019
March_2019_MAPA_SLEEP_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 3/4/2019
March_2019_MAPA_SLEEP_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 3/4/2019
March_2019_MAPA_SLEEP_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 3/4/2019
February_2019_MAPA_EATING_DISORDER_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
February_2019_MAPA_EATING_DISORDER_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
February_2019_MAPA_EATING_DISORDER_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
January_2019_MAPA_BLOOD_DONATION_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
January_2019_MAPA_BLOOD_DONATION_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.13 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
January_2019_MAPA_BLOOD_DONATION_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (599.45 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
December 2018 60_SEC_FLU_PSA.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
December 2018 30_SEC_FLU_PSA.mp3 MP3 (1.14 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
December 2018 15_SEC_FLU_PSA.mp3 MP3 (602.51 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
November 2018 60_SEC_ANTIBIOTICS_PSA.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
November 2018 30_SEC_ANTIBIOTICS_PSA.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
November 2018 15_SEC_ANTIBIOTICS_PSA.mp3 MP3 (615.78 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
October_2018_PSA_60_SEC.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
October_2018_PSA_30_SEC.mp3 MP3 (1.13 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
October_2018_PSA_15_SEC.mp3 MP3 (590.27 KB) Administration 2/1/2019
September 2018 60_SEC_MENTAL_HEALTH_PSA.mp3 MP3 (2.29 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
September 2018 30_SEC_MENTAL_HEALTH_PSA.mp3 MP3 (1.15 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
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