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Public Service Announcements

MAPA October 2019 PSA


October 6 - 12 is National PA Week

October 6-12 is National PA Week – a time to recognize our profession and the role(s) we play in providing healthcare for patients across Minnesota and the country.  There are over 3000 licensed PAs in Minnesota providing care from primary care settings to inpatient to multiple specialties and sub-specialties.


The AAPA (American Academy of PAs) has a wealth of information on PAs which you can access. At this site you will find answers to many questions including:

  • What are the advantages of seeing a PA for medical care?  
  • What education does a PA have?
  • What do PAs do?
  • How do PAs work with physicians?

Additional Resources:

If you have questions, please contact MAPA - we would very much like to hear about your experiences with your PAs.


MAPA September 2019 PSA


Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and MAPA has chosen to address the “silent killer” – ovarian cancer.

Historically, ovarian cancer was called the “silent killer” because symptoms were not thought to develop until the chance of cure was poor. However, recent studies have shown this term is untrue and that the following signs are much more likely to occur in women with ovarian cancer than in women in the general population, even in patients with early-stage disease.

These symptoms include:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)

Women with ovarian cancer report that symptoms are persistent and represent a change from normal for their bodies. The frequency or number of ovarian cancer signs are key factors in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Several studies show that even early-stage ovarian cancer can produce these symptoms.

In addition to seeing your Health Care Provider to discuss your concerns we also recommend these resources for more information:



Public Service Announcements

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December 2018 60_SEC_FLU_PSA.mp3 MP3 (2.3 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
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